At Lian Hin, we keep it simple. We weave quality aesthetics with practical functionality to create products that last and delight, ranging from feature walls to worktops and vanities.

We have come a long way since our establishment in 1989 as a humble granite and marble dealer. However, unchanging is our commitment to high quality and exceptional service.

Today, we have grown to become the leading expert in multi-faceted surfaces like Granite, Marble, Quartz and Sintered Surface in Singapore.

We deliver our promise through CANDEO, ARCUS and VULCAN.

The Natural Beauty

CANDEO by Lian Hin features our natural surface collections of Granite and Marble. These one-of-a-kind pieces are timeless and elegant, carefully sourced and precisely cut to fit any space.

The Colourful Eternity

ARCUS by Lian Hin features our colourful range of engineered surfaces including Quartz and Terrazzo. Versatile, lasting and made to suit every space.

The New Strong

VULCAN by Lian Hin is a collection of large-format sintered surface slabs manufactured with sophisticated Italian machinery and technologies.

Our Philosophy

Delightful Encounters: Since our establishment, Lian Hin has always valued relationships with our partners and our customers. We create delightful encounters through timely and efficient communication. Our newly minted in-house technology system allows us to track, trace and provide up-to-date information for customers like you, ensuring a seamless experience and peace of mind.

Aesthetic Living: With the fusion of modern engineering and fine craftsmanship, Lian Hin creates products that last. From the source, each slab goes through stringent quality checks before it reaches the hands of our skilled experts. Our commitment to quality extends beyond our strict demands for surface material. We believe in going the extra mile to understand your needs and walk with you every step of the way.

Decision Simplicity: A fuss-free experience is our aim. Choosing a surface should be straightforward, not complicated. Paint your new beginning with Lian Hin's customised offerings. Indulge in our wide range of exquisite products from worktops to feature walls. Leave it to the Lian Hin experts as we cut and design the surfaces you desire.

Our Vision

Enhancing the quality of lives we touch with aesthetic creations and impeccable service

Our Mission

To weave quality aesthetic with practical functionality

Our Values

Admirable (Excellence, Expertise, Unique)
We pursue excellence in our area of expertise, offering you an extensive range of exquisite products uniquely crafted just for you.

Collaborative (Relationship)
We value each and every relationship we cultivate, delighting you every step of the way, providing you a peace of mind.

Ethical (Integrity)
Staying true and reliable to what we promise and provide, you only receive the best at Lian Hin.